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ShelterBox Scout Corps 

ShelterBox USA, Boy Scouts of America and Scouts worldwide have teamed up to help deliver aid to needy families in countries around the globe.

Now your troop or crew can BE IN THE KNOW when disaster strikes by joining the ShelterBox Scout Corps. The ShelterBox Scout Corps is a way for Scouts to be involved around disaster- either through disaster awareness projects in their community or by assisting with a future disaster in their region.

If you want to experience the world of natural and manmade disasters through our eyes, check out these exciting activities for Cub, Scout, and Venture meetings. By taking part, you’ll learn about humanitarian aid, how ShelterBox helps people around world when disaster strikes and how you can be part of the team!

Scouts in Action 

ShelterBox has a strong history of working with The Scout Association in disaster zones - they’ve assisted in several countries including: Haiti, Brazil, Guatemala, the Philippines, Kenya and Italy. All Scouts have an obligation to help their community and to their country. Scouts have helped ShelterBox Response Team Members with the distribution of tents and have also assisted in the set-up of camps in their local communities.

These Scouts rely on the skills they've learned in Scouting including: leadership, emergency preparedness, camping, safety, communications, as well as citizenship in the community, nation and world. Click here to read stories and see photos of Scouts working in disaster zones.

USA Scouting Events 

There are many exciting events with Scouting and ShelterBox. From the World & National Jamborees to regional camporees, ShelterBox is always finding ways to work within the Scouting community. To see the latest events click here.

International Scouts and ShelterBox 

The Scouting relationship with ShelterBox is a global partnership. We have troops, packs, dens and patrols all over the world working to spread the ShelterBox message of “Shelter, Warmth, Comfort and Dignity to survivors of disasters”. If you’d like to see how scouts in foreign countries are helping in this cause then click here.

Working with Scout Leaders 

We’ve been working hard to create great activities for leaders to use in their meetings. We want them to be fun and simple to run, while exploring all the interesting global themes of our humanitarian aid work. They will also offer ways of contributing to a number of different badges. If you’d like to explore some of the programs we’ve developed for your pack or troop click here. We will be continuing to add new activities to this area. If you have any ideas on programs you would like to see or suggestions to our programs please email us.

Badges, Awards and Fundraising Opportunities 

Lots of you have already been helping ShelterBox by thinking up lively and creative ways to build awareness in your community. By contributing like this you are helping people all over the world who have lost everything after a disaster. You can even track the box your troop donated on the website to see where it went.

If you've or your scout group has been involved with ShelterBox, you can learn about our Patch Program by clicking here.

Need ideas? Have a look at our fundraising booklet. Remember! If you’ve been involved in any ShelterBox activity, we’d love to hear from you. Why not email us your stories and pictures.

If you'd like to sign up to receive email updates on our scouting section of the website, click here and enter your email address.

The ShelterBox Youth Leadership Experience 

The ShelterBox Youth Leadership Experience is a fun and interactive 4-hour program for 140, 16-18 year olds (the program can be tailored to fit any time slot and/or group size).

Teens are tasked to become ShelterBox Response Team members for the day to complete a series of tasks to provide shelter, warmth, and dignity to those displaced due to a mock disaster. They must get their international aid through customs, put the iconic ShelterBox equipment to work and assess two locations to determine the suitability for a tent camp.

This experience is designed to:
• Raise awareness and understanding of ShelterBox
• Develop team work, communication, and leadership skills
• Introduce participants to the work ShelterBox does in the field
• Expose participants to a simulated disaster situation

If you are interested in utilizing the ShelterBox Youth Leadership Experience for your group, please e-mail or call our office at 941-907-6036. You can also download the program guide.